AASC President with SAMBO Sport family at the World Championships in Sochi November 11,2017

Under the Honorary Presidency of President vladimir Putin with the Invitation of SAMBO IF President Vasily Shestakov and the hard of one of the main key players at the Sport mr. Dalil Skalli Vice President international and African President AASC President Maj. Gen Ahmed Nasser had meetings with I F SAMBO President attended by Mr skalli  for the cooperation of permitting the Sport at the African Level on the occasion of the world SAMBO championships at the Winter Historical skit hall of Sochi which hosted the recent winter Olympic Games, president General Nasser attended also the AGM election which was witnessing the re-election of the Russian Shestakov as the President and his exuctive board including the only African as IF Vice President . 

SAMBO IF President add that that He promised to leave a legacy in each and every African country will be added to the 33 countries playing the Sport ; Egypt is the recent member joined the IF leaded by Mohamed Sobeah formed fighter champion 

The President of SAMBO IF will be attending the AASC GA in Cairo February 25th 2018 as per AASC Invitation

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Any Confederation legally constituted and which aims to oversee a known or recognized sport discipline and which is also made up of at least (18) eighteen national federations affiliated to their respective international federations and wishes to become an AASC member shall submit an application duly signed by the President of the said association to the AASC Executive Bureau together with the membership fees.